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Software for Palm OS

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Dictionary Software for Palm OS
Palm OS Dictionary software applications give you advanced linguistic solutions. We use the text to speech and speech recognition technologies to make our software fully suit your purposes. These products turn your electronic device computer into effective and reliable tools for translation and foreign language learning.

Language Learning Software for Palm OS
This Palm OS software category includes Flash cards, tutors and other language learning software titles. These programs will help you achieve flawless English pronunciation. Memorize words and work on your spelling, have an easy time learning, enjoy the friendly language study aids we have developed for you, make use of the ECTACO memorization games, progressive learning techniques and self tests.

FlashCards for Palm OS
Each FlashCards program, available for many new language pairs, is a seamless combination of educational exercises and entertaining games in one compact software application. Even if you are a current user, take advantage of our ever expanding software capabilities to add new languages. Pick up your new Palm OS today and enjoy our new games. Before you know it, you will be playing and talking in a whole new language!

Software Bundles for Palm OS
Designed to provide you with the full range and benefits of the exceptional Palm OS software titles available for a particular language, these software bundles offer great value for money. Comprehensive and robust, these combinations will allow you to increase efficiency and accomplish more - whether it be doing business, visiting a foreign city or learning a new language.

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